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Sophie Chamberlain

Is an Illustrator based in San Francisco


Caroline is an all-round talent. Without any problems, she switches over to the many fields of expertise of the creative industry. Having started off as an illustrator, Caroline has developed into a versatile talent.


Concept development, illustrating (analogue and digital, mixed media), layout, drafting, design development, product designer and mother of two beautiful sons. She is capable of anything and her products are characterised by an ever present common denominator: perfection and originality.

These things have not gone unnoticed among a great number of customers in the fashion industry, design bureaus, wallpaper manufacturers, footwear industry and private initiatives. Amazement, birds, plants, animals, children, fairy tales, are the themes that again and again provide inspiration for Caroline.



I’m Caroline, illustrator, graphic designer, print designer, concept developer born in

The Netherlands 08 | 02 | 1978


1999 - 2002 - Willem de Kooning academie - Rotterdam

department: illustration * CUMLAUDE


1995 – 1999 - MTS Sint Lucas – Boxtel

department: advertising & presentation (REPT)


adobe illustrator  +++++

adobe photoshop  +++++

adobe in design  ++++


Print design, Illustration, Fashion design,

Corporate identity, Branding, Musea,

Film, Outdoor, Travel.


2002 - present

Illustrator / designer for several clients:

  • Uitgeverij Gottmer, uitgeverij Malmberg,

  • Zwijssen, Clavis, Uitgeverij Manó,

  • Uitgeverij Lannoo, Noordhoff uitgevers

  • Uitgeverij SNOR,  Hoe vertel ik het.

  • Viva

  • Jij en je kinderen

  • Tigges (BM magazine)

  • Studio Boot (Red-Rag shoes, Sacha magazine, Fatboy)

  • Samsam magazine

  • Sesamstraat & Sesamstraat magazine

  • Pakhuisoost

  • Kimmic

  • Okki, Jippo, Flo, Off course

  • National Geographic jr.

  • Kijk

  • Oilily

  • Lilió

  • Mimpi

  • Sunny Games

  • Douwe Egberts

2007- present

FABRICAAT “fabrics & more”

2001 internship at

Studio Boot | ’s-Hertogenbosch | The Netherlands

1997 - 1998 internship at

Ahlmann & Associates | Los Angeles | USA

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